Why Raven Performance?

What's so special about your Signature Compression Wrist Sleeve?

Where to begin? First, most, if not all, readily available compression wrist sleeves are made of either nylon or neoprene (or both). Neither of these materials provide any benefits other than support. After a few minutes, you can begin to notice the heat building up in the neoprene with nowhere to go. The nylon doesn’t do anything to wick the moisture.

Additionally, to save money, many companies use a nylon only sleeve that wraps around your thumb. This restricts movement unnecessarily.

Our wrist sleeve was rebuilt from the ground up. We have a proprietary combination of perforated neoprene with a high performance polyester coating. Add to that our proprietary sizing and fit and you get a compression wrist sleeve that is so comfortable and effective you’ll find yourself wearing it everyday.

Why should I get a Raven Performance Glove?

Our gloves start with the finest leather in the industry. Simply put, our leather is sourced from the same, if not better, tanneries than any of our competitors. The differences also lie in our reject rate. We only accept the top of the batch in leather.

Secondly, we hand craft each glove to your customization. We can flourish it or keep things as simple as you desire.

We only use 100% Taiwanese or Japanese KIP leather. We do not use any fillers or hide for the palm. Our webs are always double laced if on infield models. We can do things other builders simply can not. We can offer our unique shapes in welting patterns you could not get elsewhere. Additionally we can often mix and match looks.

Simply put, with our gloves, you get a professional grade product. Through and through. From the ability to customize just about anything, to the craftsmanship, the quality of leather, and attention to detail, nothing about these gloves is compromised on.

How long does it take to build a custom RP Glove?

Certainly this fluctuates by season, glove queue and leather stock, but in general, only 20-25 days.

Easily one of the quickest in the industry.