Signature Compression Wrist Sleeve


This is the finest compression wrist sleeve available today. A fabric so unique we had to invent it. Our custom material solves several common problems. No more nylon. No Gimmicks. Better Fabrics, Better Performance. While developed and still used by MLB and other professional baseball players, this fabric and its fit has proven to be a tremendous all-around wrist sleeve. The benefits of compression for things like arthritis, carpal tunnel and inflammation are well known. Add those benefits with a tremendously comfortable and form fit, a secure and adjustable strap, and a performance material so you forget it’s there. The ultimate and everyday use compression wrist sleeve on the market.

  • Eliminate the need to tape your wrists every day.
  • Change the amount of compression desired with elastic support strap.
  • Keep your thumb free for feel and mobility without losing support.
  • Performance polyester coated on a durable perforated neoprene is simply revolutionary in the industry.
    • Secured Form Fit – Most comfortable and supportive sleeve on the market
    • Moisture Wicking
    • Fast Drying – High performance polyester coating provides many benefits
    • Breathable – Only neoprene wrist sleeve on the market that breathes!
    • UV 30
    • Absolutely unisex – unique fit of our fabric gives compression without restriction within the range of the measurements +/- .25″

Sizing Information: Medium fits wrists 6.25″ – 7.25″ Large fits wrists 7″ – 8.25″   While we have since altered our business strategy, the compression clothing aspect of this article is irrelevant, however, for more information about the background, process and genesis of this exceptional fabric – please visit Front Office Sports: