What’s in a Name?

A name is recognition, it is a label, it evokes feeling and conveys perceived value. The very name, Raven Performance supports those ideas. Ravens are highly intelligent, agile and loyal. They are renowned survivors and predators. Raven Performance believes in doing things smarter, leaner and maintaining core values.

We balance leading edge materials and processes, like in our Signature Compression Wrist Sleeve, with old fashioned hand crafted leather work in our glove line.

So what’s in a name? That’s simple: we do the thinking for you so you can concentrate on your job. We’ve worked hard developing fabrics and fits to ensure you get the most from our products.

Our History:

Raven Performance was founded by Jeremy S. Yarsin in July 2016. After using tape for his wrists almost his whole life, Yarsin switched to various re-usable compression sleeves when they hit the market. Finding them simply inadequate, Yarsin decided to research the industry; learning how to develop fabrics, prototypes and manufacture on scale. After 8 months of R & D the Raven Performance Signature Compression Wrist Sleeve was born.

Revolutionary in the industry, but marketed for professional ball players only at first, these sleeves were received tremendously. Compared to the competition, finally, a reusable wrist sleeve was available that was extraordinarily comfortable, performance oriented and supportive.

The company would grow to develop an entire line of clothing, especially compression gear, based around our proprietary fabric used on our wrist sleeves. At its height, the clothing division had over 100 MLB and MiLB signed players using its gear and countless others.

After tinkering around with gloves, Yarsin decided to start offering custom gloves, made with only the finest leather in the world; each hand-crafted to order. The response to the leather was so overwhelmingly positive and personally more rewarding, Yarsin shut down the clothing division of Raven Performance in late 2019 to focus solely on 2 divisions: the Signature Compression Wrist Sleeve and Custom Pro Grade Gloves.